Team Project: After Opening night.

The opening night was a great success! We had a lot of support form the lecturers, and quite a few people came through to take a sneak peek at everyones projects. I am very thankful to Joe and Reecy who organised the evening; it was a very positive first time experience!  Continue reading


Team project: Final touches.


I have never seen so many triangles in my life than I have over this past week! Lately, I and some of the team have been taking home a lot of triangle models to cut out and build together, so that we could quickly cover our wall. It is now Monday of week14, and tomorrow evening (June 14), we are due to be a part of Joe and Reecy’s Paper Exhibition open night. After a lot of hard work the underwater installation is ready for its debut! Continue reading

Team Project: Laying foundations.

According to our brief, the purpose of our Team project is to entertain and engage young people with the qualities, possibilities and abilities of paper. Along the making journey of our team project, each member must demonstrate how they are incorporating all of the course learning into their work. Each project post after this will demonstrate my thinking and making processes for each of the classes: Story, CDF, Professional practices and Creative Technologies: Tools.  Continue reading

Team project: Idea modification.

While having time off during mid semester break, I began to gather research via Google images and Pinterest for wire frame base and sculptural concepts, in order to help myself better understand how I might go about making my 3D model fish. I’ve been thinking I could construct a wireframe out of chicken wire or something similar, then apply paper to fill the inside and build up/decorate the exterior of my fish. Below are two mood boards of my research into this. Continue reading

Team project: Idea processing.

Last week we cut out a series of titles according to materials, mediums and themes. Today we revisited our cut outs with Gina and Paul checking in on our progress. My team decided to lay out our labels on a large table. At first we just randomly picked pieces and placed them together, but then later we started to turn them upside down so that we could guarantee that each pick would be completely random. Continue reading

Project: Short film.

Throughout the week, my team were discussing what sort of theme we should use for our paper film. After a mini exploratory visit to the downstairs basement, we were inspired to think about the identity or evolution of paper. We began thinking how paper has various 2D and 3D forms, many uses and that it can be recycled into new paper items. This all inspired our idea called “Paper Evolution”.  Continue reading

Welcome to Project.

Every Thursday is dedicated to what is known as our ‘Project’. It seems that this is the big team based item that we make each semester. Today we discussed in class about the course and its counterparts, including this project stuff. It seems a bit confusing, but I think that the way in which I have grasped it and laid out my WordPress thus far is correct for the most part. Continue reading