11/04/17: Breif Four, DESIGN PROCESS, PART TWO.

Today I have drawn up some sketches of the mussel and cook’s shells if I were to make necklaces that had an asymmetric style as opposed to symmetric. I played with rotating the main shells as well as the placement of different pearls and shells on the string to distribute weights and therefore affect the balance of the overall piece. Continue reading

10/04/17:Brief four, DESIGN PROCESS, PART ONE.

Over the weekend, I initiated some sketches and mock ups of how the jewellery could look when strung together. In my first drawing process, I thought of each shell as the main focal point on the necklace, with the smaller shell elements being what forms the string around the neck. The smaller parts would offer a line of balance that lead toward the larger, heavier shell that would rest directly on the wearers upper chest.

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27-30/03/17: Brief Three, MAKING PROCESS, PART TWO.

Over the weekend, I made a trip to Spotlight and bought some MDF board and card to use for my final pieces. I have chosen to make up the Maui dolphin and yellow-eyed penguin couple. I feel that these two creatures truly celebrate a slice of native marine life in New Zealand and would like to make these images as they connect to what it means to be local to me. I really have a great love for the ocean and it has played a big part in my life.

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Global to Local; Brief One Research


This afternoon we were introduced to our first brief of the year; Global to Local. The synopsis of our brief is to select a form of media from the list provided and then format our research around it. The physical outcome – a design object – should reflect our gathered research. In total, we should have 2 global and 2 local avenues of accumulated information/made work.

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