My Ball of Eden is finally complete! In the good weather I have managed to take a series of photographs demonstrating how I intended my model to be used: as a beautiful celebratory ornament for my churches community garden. Continue reading



Over the past week, I have been developing my original concept of an origami ‘Ball of Eden’ with hanging doves, as posted back in week 12. With some research under my belt, I have been able to go away and draw up various concepts of my own personalised kusudama ball. Continue reading

Storytelling for CDF.

After having engaged in todays lesson, we moved into our workspace rooms to begin our first series of narrative drawings. I wanted to embrace the idea of mark making with unusual objects into my sequential narrative, so I went away to grab some of my brown drafting paper and then ventured around the campus for interesting surfaces to make some unique rubbings with. Continue reading

Typography and language.

Today we moved away from our symbols and onto typography. Our task, in conjunction with this lesson, is to create a ‘whakapapa of design’ in letterforms. Whakapapa means family, so I guess this means to generate a series of pages that all tie together somehow through the use of typography. Therefore, I have decided to use my 5 A3 pages to express something about me that I love and is a part of me: the sea.

Continue reading