Praxis of Sound Design.

Last week after class, I took some time to go through the links that Carsten had placed up on Moodle, in order to prepare myself for the upcoming sound editing class. I found out that we must record two sound bites for ourselves, in order to practice this skill. We are also allowed to source some exisiting sound bites if we wish. Continue reading


Theory of Sound Design.

This morning we were lucky to have Victor Grbic, an industry professional guest lecturer, chat to us about what sound design is, how it works and why it is a very valuable and crucial role within the film industry.  Continue reading

Editing for story.

This morning Carsten presented a series of film clips, following up with information about their editing techniques; how certain decisions are used to create a flowing/seamless narrative. I recall him saying “editing is an invisible art…it is telling stories”. What he meant was that editing is what strings each part together thus creating the final finished  product. Editing is a crucial aspect in film and television, for the editor must make cuts and transitions that will seam very natural and barely noticeable to the audience. This way, a film may be easily watched and followed with our eyes.  Continue reading

Premiere Pro: Refine short film.

This morning we are revisiting our short films from last week and looking into how we may be able to refine particular details, in order to generate a video that runs through frames with smoother transitions, cuts and so on. Carsten suggested that if we had not already done so, that we should add in music, try playing around with particular filmic effects and to add at least one title ( set of text) into our films.  Continue reading

Videography introduction.

This week is pretty awesome because we’re now looking at filming! Today we had a small run through presentation on Unitec’s DSLR cameras and how to set them for film usage. After looking at some of the basic functionalities and know-how’s, we set off in small groups to film a series of short clips that could later be edited into a short process story. This will likely be edited on Premiere Pro later on in the semester. Continue reading