My Ball of Eden is finally complete! In the good weather I have managed to take a series of photographs demonstrating how I intended my model to be used: as a beautiful celebratory ornament for my churches community garden. Continue reading



Over the past week, I have been developing my original concept of an origami ‘Ball of Eden’ with hanging doves, as posted back in week 12. With some research under my belt, I have been able to go away and draw up various concepts of my own personalised kusudama ball. Continue reading

Culture, Context and Communication.

Once again we touched upon the digital device and further explored the notion of frugal innovation. We opened with this really inspiring video about an Indian corn roaster who grew weary of fanning the corn with his hands; fair enough because it really buggers up your wrists! He wondered how he could change his situation to make his life easier. Using tools and simple methods to which he knew, and voila! Continue reading

Editing for story.

This morning Carsten presented a series of film clips, following up with information about their editing techniques; how certain decisions are used to create a flowing/seamless narrative. I recall him saying “editing is an invisible art…it is telling stories”. What he meant was that editing is what strings each part together thus creating the final finished  product. Editing is a crucial aspect in film and television, for the editor must make cuts and transitions that will seam very natural and barely noticeable to the audience. This way, a film may be easily watched and followed with our eyes.  Continue reading

Premiere Pro: Refine short film.

This morning we are revisiting our short films from last week and looking into how we may be able to refine particular details, in order to generate a video that runs through frames with smoother transitions, cuts and so on. Carsten suggested that if we had not already done so, that we should add in music, try playing around with particular filmic effects and to add at least one title ( set of text) into our films.  Continue reading

Story and genre analysis.

In my previous post about todays class I didn’t get to touch upon what genre is, and how semantic and syntactic meaning/structure comes into play here. Genre is basically a specific category from that of  a literature or artistic background. Certain tropes (themes) run throughout and are associated to any given genre- such as the common horror trope ‘if you have sex you die’ or ‘true love’s kiss’ in the fairytale genre.  Continue reading

Videography introduction.

This week is pretty awesome because we’re now looking at filming! Today we had a small run through presentation on Unitec’s DSLR cameras and how to set them for film usage. After looking at some of the basic functionalities and know-how’s, we set off in small groups to film a series of short clips that could later be edited into a short process story. This will likely be edited on Premiere Pro later on in the semester. Continue reading

‘Design object’ research.

This week for Introduction to Story, classes were not running due to Study Week. Instead, we had the individual choice to come into uni and discuss with Scott about the ins and outs of the ‘Design Object’ essay. I decided to utilise this opportunity and went in to double check what the exact requirements are, in order to gain a more thorough understanding of how I can proceed with my product idea. Seeing as no official tasks were delegated to us, I am going to use this weeks blog space for an area to post any relevant research links/sources for my final essay. Continue reading