After Effects: part three.

This morning we introduced the use of 3D effects with the inbuilt camera function in After Effects. This was a new learning curve for me as I haven’t had a lot of prior experience using 3D tools within my own work. Continue reading


Illustrator: Part Three.

I figured out how to get back onto Lynda, so I can now start to watch the Illustrator tutorials! Yay! This week’s lesson explained how colour and colour swatches work within Illustrator. As well as being able to select colours from the premade swatches – you canals  create your own customised swatches to suit your personalised designing needs. That’s pretty neat! There is also the Adobe Colour app to generate colours according to various categories, such as complimentary, analogous and monochromatic.  Continue reading

Illustrator: Part Two.

At first, this lesson frustrated me, as I had some trouble figuring out how to apply colour to the gradient tool – at first it wouldn’t allow me to change the greyscale mode no matter what I tried. I ended up looking at a tutorial on youtube and it helped me to see that I needed to go into the colour panel and change the which swatches and colour mode was on. Continue reading