Presentation Preparations.

This morning John and Rowena informed us that our NoHo Marae presentations would entail a fifteen minute conversation with the audience, including interactive Q & A time and of course, our final filmed project. In order to prepare the class for this upcoming event, John posed the question “What makes a good presentation?”  To answer this, we split off into our teams and began writing down various answers. Continue reading


Artspace adventure.

This afternoon the class piled into three Unitec vans and off we drove into town – more specifically – to K Road’s Artspace Gallery. This mini class trip was organised in order to expose us toward some of the art culture not far from our campus. Continue reading

Maori entrepreneurship.

This morning we discarded the notion of group work, instead having the privilege of listening to Whiromena (a second year student in the BCE course) share here experience down in Wellington. Her story involved visiting art galleries and experiencing the diversity of local cultural artworks. This tied into our overarching point of discussion for today, which was that of Maori entrepreneurship.  Continue reading

Leadership, management, conflict.

Unfortunately I had to stay at home today due to my tonsillitis just being out of control in terms of soreness and coughing…which meant that I had to miss out on participating in classes today. As Moodle does not display week 9’s subject topic, I’ve had a look at peoples WordPress blogs. From what I can gather the lesson for today was in regards to understanding the specifications of people management.  Continue reading

Creative industries discussion.

Last week there weren’t any classes running for Professional Practices due to the Study Week break. Therefore nothing was posted to WordPress for this reason. Now it is week 8, the final time for classes before mid semester break. Today we commenced our learning with that of the creative industries and formative assessments on our individual code of conducts. Continue reading

Note taking & cultural awareness.

Note taking was at the forefront of conversation for this weeks class. In the beginning our groups explored various tips that could increase the value of our notes, as well as reduce the time in which it takes to write them down. Some of which would be to bullet point, make categories, use shorthand or longhand, highlight important words and so on. We then put these ideas into action through a small exercise. Continue reading

Goals, habits, personalities.

*Last week before the end of class, we were given a ‘goals sheet.’ This was to be completed for todays class and so I have posted some photographs of that in here. 

Today we delved into our goal sheets; discussing what goals are, how do they benefit us and how can we make S.M.A.R.T goals?  We also began exploring what our personality types are and how we vary from others; how we can understand our differences and work alongside one another.  Continue reading

What are ethics, why have them?

This week we focused on utilising our collaboration skills via exercises based around the subject of teams, groups and ethics. We were asked to discuss and answer a series of questions within the groups at our tables. Afterward, we split off into our teams to produce a new team ‘code of conduct’ that reflected which ethical practices, behaviours and traits we desire to exercise throughout the year ahead.  Continue reading