Culture, Context and Communication.

Once again we touched upon the digital device and further explored the notion of frugal innovation. We opened with this really inspiring video about an Indian corn roaster who grew weary of fanning the corn with his hands; fair enough because it really buggers up your wrists! He wondered how he could change his situation to make his life easier. Using tools and simple methods to which he knew, and voila! Continue reading


Context and Innovation.

During the class this morning, some interesting points were raised through the videos that we watched. I left the class most impacted by the idea surrounding the word context in relationship to our lives and the objects within them. Continue reading

Non-Western story structures.

I really enjoyed todays class, finding the clips and conversation to be very engaging. After having focused on typical Western story structures last week, the non-Western story was at the forefront of conversation today. At first, we revisited genre to break it down into five stages: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Continue reading

Story and genre analysis.

This week we’re back into our story discussions with the theme: Story and Genre Analysis. The main goal of today was to dig deeper into story by picking apart the very structure behind it all; differentiating between plot and story, defining what an act, scene and part is as well as asking ‘what is genre?’. The lesson was jam packed with a lot of important info and was highly engaging. Plus I missed Scotts humour, so yeah.  Continue reading

‘Design object’ research.

This week for Introduction to Story, classes were not running due to Study Week. Instead, we had the individual choice to come into uni and discuss with Scott about the ins and outs of the ‘Design Object’ essay. I decided to utilise this opportunity and went in to double check what the exact requirements are, in order to gain a more thorough understanding of how I can proceed with my product idea. Seeing as no official tasks were delegated to us, I am going to use this weeks blog space for an area to post any relevant research links/sources for my final essay. Continue reading

Non-human characters.

Today we furthered our conversation around characters and their archetypes by delving into more non-human character forms; how their archetypical traits add a certain value to their overall story. For example, we looked at various laundry powders finding that Persil has an ‘explorer’ archetype. This reaches out toward a branch of stories based around the curious, outdoorsy childhood; promoting exploration, messy fun and then of course, a good clean up afterward. Continue reading

Story and Character: Archetypes.

Ugh! Annoyingly so, I had to stay at home today due to my knee putting me out of action (its currently all red and infected, and I cannot walk- ew). Despite my current situation, I am now much more appreciative of having Moodle as a resource and wealth of stored information! After having had a look at the slideshow and watching the three Youtube clips, I can safely say I am up to speed with this class- yay!  Continue reading

Semiotics continued.

This week Scott extended on the topic of semiotics by discussing the in’s and out’s of denotation and connotation. Before the class, i read an article that was placed on the Moodle website titled, “Pay Attention to the World”. Well, that was quite a long read for so early in the morning! However, it proved to be quite thought provoking and a wonderful read into how one should write in order to create an immersive story world. Continue reading

Welcome to Intro to Story.

Introduction to Story seems to be quite thought provoking- mentally challenging. This is great though; it reminds me of my old media studies class back in high school…not to mention some of the essays we had to write in my design class too! The overall purpose of I.T.S seems to be about engaging us students into the more analytical aspects of what make up a good design. What I mean by this is that everything in the world is comprised of stories; everything has something intriguing to say about itself. Continue reading