My Ball of Eden is finally complete! In the good weather I have managed to take a series of photographs demonstrating how I intended my model to be used: as a beautiful celebratory ornament for my churches community garden. Continue reading



Over the past week, I have been developing my original concept of an origami ‘Ball of Eden’ with hanging doves, as posted back in week 12. With some research under my belt, I have been able to go away and draw up various concepts of my own personalised kusudama ball. Continue reading

‘Balance, tone and proportion’ research.

Once again we are looking into typographic design through the art of letterforms. This is simply how a particular letter has been shaped and viewed upon under the circumstances of a design perspective or historical progressional/developmental viewpoint. The creation of letterforms is wide and varied; designers are constantly exploring how to manipulate and shape such things through the principles of balance, tone and proportion.  Continue reading

‘Drawing with Space’ research.

This morning we have been asked to conduct some research into that of 3D paper and cardboard modelling. We have also been asked to find examples of 2D drawings being transformed into 3D objects through various uses of paper. This is because later on in class, we will be using the symbols that we have drawn up last week to explore ways in which to recreate their forms into a 3D state with paper.   Continue reading