Light and shadow: exteriors.

Today’s weather was a mixed bag of showery drizzles and filtered sunlight. This proved to be a problem for Dan, as he had hoped we would have enough time to explore shooting in dry, sunny outdoor conditions. Continue reading


Controlling light and shadow, P2

Another day in the photography studios proved to be really useful! Today we were able to split into two groups and play around with the diffusers, tripods, lights and polystyrene positive/negative blocks in order to create various types of emotion through light. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to use this space; it really helps in getting used to the different types of equipment as well as where it all belongs. Continue reading

Framing and composition.

This morning I found myself immersed in a manifold of photographic information! Honestly, it really woke me up and got my mind back into the ‘uni’ mindset (we’d just had a two week break). So, Dan opened the class with a presentation titled Photography Basics. Firstly, we delved into the functions and capabilities of the view finder camera, SLR and DSLR’s. Continue reading

‘Innovation’ Research & class reflection.

This morning my team was scheduled to present our innovation Presentation on Transmedia Storytelling. However due to our class time running over, we are now going to present next week. What we did do in class was listen to another team speak about the future of content. That was a rather thought provoking topic that lead on to an engaging class conversation in regards to the moot: Content delivery will dictate the future of our own and later generations social interaction and/or our way of thinking”.  Continue reading

Our Theme Team Presents…

Today my team conducted our first in class presentation! Our point of discussion lay within the realms of technological realities; augmented, virtual and beyond. We had Renee start us off with a brief insight and definition of our said topic, while Amin paved out some historical/possible future statistics and predictions toward these technologies; their increasing rates of development. Continue reading