My Ball of Eden is finally complete! In the good weather I have managed to take a series of photographs demonstrating how I intended my model to be used: as a beautiful celebratory ornament for my churches community garden. Continue reading



Over the past week, I have been developing my original concept of an origami ‘Ball of Eden’ with hanging doves, as posted back in week 12. With some research under my belt, I have been able to go away and draw up various concepts of my own personalised kusudama ball. Continue reading

Culture, Context and Communication.

Once again we touched upon the digital device and further explored the notion of frugal innovation. We opened with this really inspiring video about an Indian corn roaster who grew weary of fanning the corn with his hands; fair enough because it really buggers up your wrists! He wondered how he could change his situation to make his life easier. Using tools and simple methods to which he knew, and voila! Continue reading

Presentation Preparations.

This morning John and Rowena informed us that our NoHo Marae presentations would entail a fifteen minute conversation with the audience, including interactive Q & A time and of course, our final filmed project. In order to prepare the class for this upcoming event, John posed the question “What makes a good presentation?”  To answer this, we split off into our teams and began writing down various answers. Continue reading

Maori entrepreneurship.

This morning we discarded the notion of group work, instead having the privilege of listening to Whiromena (a second year student in the BCE course) share here experience down in Wellington. Her story involved visiting art galleries and experiencing the diversity of local cultural artworks. This tied into our overarching point of discussion for today, which was that of Maori entrepreneurship.  Continue reading

Controlling light and shadow, P2

Another day in the photography studios proved to be really useful! Today we were able to split into two groups and play around with the diffusers, tripods, lights and polystyrene positive/negative blocks in order to create various types of emotion through light. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to use this space; it really helps in getting used to the different types of equipment as well as where it all belongs. Continue reading

Non-Western story structures.

I really enjoyed todays class, finding the clips and conversation to be very engaging. After having focused on typical Western story structures last week, the non-Western story was at the forefront of conversation today. At first, we revisited genre to break it down into five stages: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Continue reading

Story and genre analysis.

This week we’re back into our story discussions with the theme: Story and Genre Analysis. The main goal of today was to dig deeper into story by picking apart the very structure behind it all; differentiating between plot and story, defining what an act, scene and part is as well as asking ‘what is genre?’. The lesson was jam packed with a lot of important info and was highly engaging. Plus I missed Scotts humour, so yeah.  Continue reading

Leadership, management, conflict.

Unfortunately I had to stay at home today due to my tonsillitis just being out of control in terms of soreness and coughing…which meant that I had to miss out on participating in classes today. As Moodle does not display week 9’s subject topic, I’ve had a look at peoples WordPress blogs. From what I can gather the lesson for today was in regards to understanding the specifications of people management.  Continue reading

Framing and composition.

This morning I found myself immersed in a manifold of photographic information! Honestly, it really woke me up and got my mind back into the ‘uni’ mindset (we’d just had a two week break). So, Dan opened the class with a presentation titled Photography Basics. Firstly, we delved into the functions and capabilities of the view finder camera, SLR and DSLR’s. Continue reading