Material Exploration: Colour and character making, part one

This blog is a strand of work generated in response to a material exploration of one my art influences, Lize Meddings.  Just like the pastiches I created with my other influences, Kate Shaw and Pete Cromer, I have pulled out a few attributes from their practice that I wanted to explore in my own.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5.37.25 PM

Example of Lize Meddings work

From Lize Meddings work, I had a go at using:

  • gouache paint
  • bright colour
  • drawing individual images into a collage layout

First, I sketched out onto watercolour paper my idea of having two marine creatures floating amongst a plastic underwater scene. The characters I made here are very realistic in their form; a penguin and stingray.


Then using the gouache paint, I began to fill the composition with colour. I was focusing on keeping the colours bright as well as representational to the ocean. Part way through colouring my work, I realised that I should’ve stuck to an analogous colour scheme and used only three-four colours to make it more of a pastiche to Medding’s work.

Meddings pastiche

I did not think that the overall result of my image was of a good quality. In some places the gouache turned out chalky and patchy. I believe I’ve used too many colours in this composition which makes it look disjointed and distracting rather than unified. I believe that I need to step back from the colouring process and focus more on developing characters that can represent the idea of marine life being affected by ocean plastic in a way that is more unique.

After making this pastiche, I’m not sure whether I want to continue using gouache as a medium for colour. If I am to use solid blocks of colour, I think it would be best to apply colour digitally in Illustrator. For now, I am going to continue using my marbled textures to explore implementing pattern and colour in my work.



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