Creating my website through Wix

Here are a series of before and after screen shots of my site editing process (as well as links). During the editing process, I had to make a few changes due to my initial developmental idea because the Wix layout did not exactly work with the images I had to use.

For example, on the home page under the portfolio showcase, I would have liked to have displayed larger imagery with a white background, but this didn’t seem possible so I made the background dark green with a smaller image on top.

My website is not yet complete, with the contact link in the main menu not scrolling down to the contact bar, but to the bottom of the page. I am currently unsure how to fix this. My design and illustration portfolios are still under maintenance.

I made a complete photography page to demonstrate my thinking behind the grid with breathable space in between each image. Here is a short recording of how my website works.

Link to template I used:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Link to made site:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel that I have currently achieved certain aspects of my brand, but would still want to continue editing and refining my website. I would even like to explore using other templates to compare what can be done to achieve the natural, beautiful and fun personality of my brand. I am unsure whether to put my illustration and design content with my photography or to create a different kind of brand for them? I feel like they are disjointed because they are so different to each other. My brand is something that will keep evolving and my website may change in content and aesthetic at a later date.

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