Road crossing: Final Developments

I had a discussion with team regarding my crossing designs to ask what their thoughts were. We decided upon the pukeko chasing its grub for a playful link between both sites. The pukeko chasing his food ties into the idea of eating and enjoying play and will match the adventure playground that Emma is currently designing.

The next chosen option for the two remaining crossings that would connect the shopping center site across to the new sites is the infinity link ‘pikorua’ design. This matches into our new branding for the overall project, which stemmed from Anthony saying we could run with the infinity shape from our seating and continue this with the curves in our other facilities.

Here are some screenshots of the actual roads that our site is working with. I was using these for a reference throughout my research to remind myself of what the site streets look like.

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So, I went away to begin creating final designs on Illustrator. I scanned in the image of my pukeko crossing and used the pen tool and live paint mode to draw and colour the vector bird. After this, I used simple shapes to make up the zebra stripes, warning strip and background colour of the crossing. I also created a standard ‘L O O K’ sign that would be legally obligated within the crossings. The font is called Transport.

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After creating the four finals, I sent a message through to my team and asked which designs they preferred. We have chosen to use the contemporary pink pikorua design and the zebra pukeko.

I have found out what the requirements for the crossing sizes should be too, thanks to my partner who is currently working for a road-working company. I have placed the two final crossings into a mock site on Vectorworks to show them in-stitu.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 7.47.07 PM

Playful pukeko zebra, final crossing 1


Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 7.49.52 PM

Pikorua contemporary design, final crossing 2



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