ROAD CROSSING: Developments

This week I began to draw out crossing design concepts using the ideas I had thought of previously. My first crossing design is of a manta ray swimming through some Maori kowhaiwhai designs. This symbol represents unity and strength. The manta ray was an idea I thought of because he is the creature that symbolizes safe travel and is representative of the sea, which ties into my splash pad.

The second crossing design was me experimenting with a more Pacifica theme; using the hibiscus flower and leaves to create a continuous pattern. I chose to play with this as I was considering creating something that isn’t specifically Maori.

The third design is more of a tiled theme, using the zebra stripe in between each tile. Inside each tile would be an image of a native plant: the kowhai, pohutukawa and koru. These are New Zealand plants that most of us would know of and relate to.

Crossing concept drawings p1

My fourth design is of the common greenstone symbol, known as pikorua. This is an infinity type design and represents family, strong bonds with individual and community. The last two designs feature a pukeko, which I was keen to explore using as this bird is known for its playful and cheeky attributes. I thought that this would tie in with the sociable aspect of Hauora.

Crossing concept drawings p2

After having a discussion with my team, we have decided to use the pukeko that is chasing its grub for a playful crossing across both sites.

Update: After having a recent run-through of our work with Jerry and Anthony, we have discovered that our overall brand for the site build will be the use of the pikorua infinity symbol. Therefore, I will be developing the pikorua crossing as well to use for the entrance ways on both sites.


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