Brand Establishment: Values/Philosophy/mission

Now that I have selected my template and created an appropriate logo to kick start my branding, it is time to think about how to build up my brand with a philosophy or mission statement.

A philosophy explains your core beliefs or values; it explains a way of existence and the reasoning behind the brand. A mission statement lays out a brand’s aim or desired goal to achieve. Establishing these aspects to a brand can be quite challenging as the world is big, wide place. To begin my process, I chose to create a visual list of my values and passions.

Brand buildingSome other considerations are:

  • (Audience) Who is my brand/portfolio for? – Clients, employers, myself.
  • What is the style of my work? – Bright, naive, cartoon, natural, clean, balanced.
  • What is the content of my work? – Nature, animals, people.

Now it’s just a matter of pulling out the dominant characteristics that can draw my brand together. Let’s start with five core values that I would like my brand to embody.


  1. Authenticity: Expressing the natural world through my own lens
  2. Creativity: Having room to imagine and play
  3. Collaboration: Engaging in conversation, communication and teamwork
  4. Happiness: Creating imagery that evokes a sense of happiness and satisfaction
  5. Respect: Taking care of the people and places which I encounter



My name is Sophie and I have a passion for the beauty of nature. I like to view the Earth as a large canvas; clothed in an array of many colours, patterns and textures. As a visual designer, I enjoy using different mediums to portray the way in which I view the world. In my photography, I prefer to be observatory; capturing the genuine emotions of people and objects in an undisturbed, often un-staged environment. My illustration is a place where I enjoy taking elements of nature such as foliage, seascapes and animals and applying bright colour and cartoon-like qualities to my work.

Mission statement:

“To encapsulate stories between people and places, nature and moments otherwise overlooked.”

“To capture the beauty of nature, real emotions and interactions with each other and our environments.”

For now, I would like to run with the idea of creating a brand that identifies with capturing the beauty of nature, real emotions and interactions with each other and our environments. I want to express a genuine nature through my logo being hand-drawn and whimsical with my own natural cursive handwriting. The floral embellishments reinforce shaped into a circle my ideas of the world being a beautiful canvas to explore.

The white space of my website implies a freshness and freedom as the elements are not cramped together. The large images evoke a sense of freedom and insight into the natural worlds which I have captured.

I now feel ready to start editing images, taking any additional staging image and sizing them for the web, water-marking for copywrite reasons; preparing my website.


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