Road Crossing: Conceptual stage

I have also begun to think about the kind of designs that could be used as ‘creative road crossings’ for the Maraenui area. A creative crossing is when stencils are used to make custom designs to uplift and area and provide a unique personality. They can serve as either a custom zebra or courtesy crossing, depending on the markings used. For our project, there are three areas to lay a crossing over.

At this stage, I have begun to generate ideas as to what kinds of imagery I could use. My first ideas were to consider using native flora like ferns, kowhai, pohutukawa and flax. I also thought about birds like the tui, pukeko and kiwi. These objects are relatable to all New Zealanders, as well as the Maori culture.

Crossing ideations

I drew out a couple of quick sketches, firstly thinking of creating a tiled series of both flora and fauna. Then I sketched out some bird faces in a contemporary circular style. I also thought of creating a weaving pattern with the plants.

As well as thinking about the design, I have also considered the safety issues that should be in place. The crossing should have kerb ramps in place on either side, to allow for wheeled pedestrians to cross with ease. The kerb ramp also indicates that there is a passage to cross with in the footpath.

Crossing safety concepts p2

After investigating lighting for the road crossing research, I also sketched out some ideas on how to implement safety measurements. The typical signage would need to be applied like stop signs or children crossing near a school. For lighting, street lights or those pedestrian crossing lights with the orange ball and black and white pole could be placed. Otherwise, I have also thought of having bollards that contain LED’s in them on either side of the crossing at both ends.

The notion of placing islands in the roadway have been considered, however because Bledisloe Road is only a single lane for either side, this may not be legal due to the size on each side of the road for cars and bikes. So this idea has been taken off the agenda.

Crossing safety concepts


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