Facility research: Crosswalk examples

Below is a collection of creative crosswalk ideas that introduce art into the community and serve as a link between one section to another. Creative crosswalks instill a sense of individual personality to a place and create a sense of joy and playfulness to an otherwise dull or unthought of aspect to a community. Bright colours and patterns can be used to tell a story about the community or to the places that the crosswalk links together.

Road crossing styles:


Avobe are a series of road crossing examples, which are the sections where people walk across the road. This is the space where my design would rest within. Rather than going for a typical plain crossing, as a team we have discussed that using artwork in place would aid in creating more of a unique personality for the area.

Artistic examples:

These were some examples that I thought demonstrated various artistic incorporations into a crosswalk; with colour, pattern and illustrative imagery. For Maraenui, I thought that perhaps I could look at using playful native creatures, like the pukeko and native flora such as the kowhai flower to relate the art to New Zealanders. Or maybe look into using imagery that relates to each area such as a sea aspect for the crossing that leads to the splash pad area. I will be drawing up designs soon.

Lighting examples:

Lighting can be incorporated into crossing safety in quite a few different forms. In these examples, I have discovered small poles that contain LED lighting within them that draw out a beam of light to guide pedestrains along the crosswalk path. The small bumpy surfacing that is usually placed on kerb ramps is seen here as an electronic version; contianing LED red and green lighting. Then there are typical pedestrian poles with the appropriate signage and lighting which aid in safety and night use.

Island examples:

I have been exploring the notion of islands to use as extra safety barriers for the crossing. The Maraenui road is only a single lane road, so this could prove to be a challenge to place islands. This would be a decision that the council would make, yet I can propose some ideas to them based around this.

Reference List:


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