Brand Establishment: Logo Design

Every brand needs a visual form of identification. This is where a logo and name takes charge. When making a logo, it is best to consider what you want the logo to communicate or represent.

In my case, I am creating an online portfolio that demonstrates some of my work as a visual designer. I will be showcasing photography, design and illustration.  The bold words are some key points to consider when creating my logo. Another consideration would be what my own values are and what elements flow throughout my work. I often aim for organization, cleanliness, balance and have a fondness for the natural world. Nature and people are my inspiration; I like to capture subjects without too much staging.

So far, I can say the logo should be a personal reflection of myself and my work. It should embody the bold words above.

With these thoughts in mind, I began to draw out an ideation page where I could freely scribble some icons that I found relatable to me, like floral, mountain, moon, seascape images. Here I PLAYED with the idea of writing my initials, my full name in a handwritten cursive, all in capitals, adding the words ‘visual design’ or even shortening my name to ‘Soph’ or a decorative ‘S’. I played with layout; perhaps a square or circle or just an icon beside or above text.

ideation page

After letting my mind run free on the ideation page, I moved on to creating a series of 40 different concepts. My focus was mostly on making a logo that demonstrated balance, nature and originality through the font for my name. I played with various layouts and icons, finding that I was more and more drawn toward floral, leafy designs.

logo concepts2logo concepts1

After asking peers and a lecturer on their opinions, I chose to develop the notion of a floral circle with either a decorative S inside or handwritten cursive font.

logo development page

With these developments, I found myself being drawn toward the logo with my name inside of it, in a large-scale form. This seemed to create a logo that felt easy to read, with the elements all framed and unified. Within the wreath, there are sections of negative space that make the text feel like it has enough room to breath and is not cramped. I feel that this logo embodies who I am as a person, my interests and what my favourite work to make work looks like.

I then scanned the final image I preferred and used ‘Image Trace’ in Adobe Illustrator to create a vector that would keep my hand-drawn look. Here are my black and white copies below.

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