Hauora: Social Research

My second major research task has been to collect information on the ‘social’ aspect to Hauora. This is a Maori philosophy which focuses on the idea that enhancing the four pillars of well-being; physical, mental, social and spiritual will contribute to overall health.

It is our team goal to apply this notion of Hauora into the designs we create for Maraenui. To explore what a community would need to increase its sociability, I explored basic human needs that stimulate interaction like crossings, seating and shelter and signage/wayfinding. These are all modes of which communication is activated, enabled or received. I looked at what we need to consider when designing these parts that would contribute to the sociability of a communal place.


Please read my finished PDF outlining my research: Social Research HAUORA

From here, I have presented to my team the found research above to help us widen our perspective on the social aspect to Hauora. In order to make crossings communicative, we need to consider colour, shape or pattern but must follow the regulations of the New Zealand Transport Agency. With seating and shelter, structures must be made from sturdy materials to avoid vandalism or misplacement. Their shapes will determine their use and how people can communicate to one-another whilst in use. Wayfinding signage should consider large text, cohesive colour and minimal font/large easily read font and be placed at correct heights for readability.


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From here, we will be having a team meeting to bring all our Hauora-based research together. Then we will discuss what we really want to start designing and place specific roles as to who designs what. I would like to continue with either road crossing, play ground or splash pad design as this would tie into the social research that I have already conducted.


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