Greenlight presentation preparation

On Friday 15th, each team will be hosting their Greenlight presentations. This involves each team presenting their allocated research and final chosen concept. The concept will be reflected throughout our upcoming design work and should refrain to celebrating Maraenui’s needs and establishing a unique and relatable identity. My team’s concept is known as ‘Hauora’. This is a Maori word which describes the four pillars of wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The decision was made to utilise Hauora throughout our proposed designs because issues with all four pillars of wellbeing have been raised with Maraenui residents. Physical and recreational sports facilities have been asked for, creating a sense of belonging, identity and pride for their place through art, sculpture and the likes of safety, shelter, seating and more inclusive/communal themes. These all revolve around Hauora as physical activity can increase mental/social wellbeing as people come together to play, share and engage in physical interactions. Spiritual wellbeing can be established in the sense of identity and in the happiness that people feel when walking amongst a place that shows cleanliness, welcoming, artistic, safety aspects.

For the Greenlight slideshow, each team member has been delegated a section of the slide to work on and present. Mine is the ‘Challenges and how have overcome them’.

This is what I have drafted up so far so run by the others:

Coming together as a team, we have encountered a few challenges such as: (These can be put on the slide as text)

  • Organization of team branding/identity
  • Sorting out a clear research timeline
  • Clear communication re tasks and teamwork
  • Collating demographic variety

How each problem was solved: (This is what I would explain, perhaps some main points can be visually displayed under the problems above…depends on slide layout)

Organization of team branding/identity  

Our issue was that we could not come to a solid agreement as a team about the logo, our rules or in identifying our strengths and weaknesses swiftly. This was solved when we engaged in tasks with Mandy that helped us to establish a more in-depth look at ourselves as a team. We also came together as a team and sat down to communicate thoughts and ideas on logo design which led us to our final.

Sorting out a clear research timeline

We have found it difficult to keep a clear record of where everyone is at with their research tasks and what research they have found. This was somewhat resolved through the idea of using wall space to create a ‘research timeline’, however, the research wall has not been well-organized or maintained. A solution to this problem would be delegating a couple of team members to collating and maintaining the research timeline.

Clear communication re tasks and teamwork

There has been a struggle between the team around communication over our tasks and how we should be sharing our research/work. To combat this, a Trello account was made to use as an information-sharing platform and each member of the team was allocated to a specific area of research. The only remaining issue is time management and forwarding information onto Emma, our documenter.

Collating demographic variety

With each site visit, we have found that it has been difficult to collect facts and opinions from a wider range of people. So far, the result of our interviews has provided us with data from adults. Realising that we need to hear from youth and children, we organized and met with some youth from Maraenui at Patu Gym and are arranging to speak at some local schools.

After running through this with the team, I have narrowed down my points, summarising them onto cue cards. I intend to speak without these on the day but hold them discretely as a backup.

Update after presentation

The presentation went well; each member spoke clearly about their section and we delivered our concept through with clarity. For the most part, out feedback was positive and we each had some pointers on our performance. I spoke clearly and managed to iterate my points despite feeling slightly wobbly in the knees! For our final presentation, it is highly recommended we have our slides and work sorted at least 1-2 weeks beforehand to practice and tweak any issues.



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