Website building options

After engaging in some research on website and branding fundamentals, I have allowed myself to soak up some knowledge on what to think about when making a site and brand of my own. Now I need to consider how I will create my website. Initially, I thought of trying out Adobe Muse. However, my other Community Project is just as busy and time consuming this semester…so I have decided to park this idea and perhaps take a look at Muse when there is more time.

I did consider using WordPress to create my portfolio, although I find that WordPress is better suited to blogging. The templates and editing capabilities on this site are also less substantial than its competitors.

This leaves me with the option to explore the world of online website-building template sites such as Squarespace and Wix. I’ve heard good reviews about both and would like to find out more information on each to make my own informed decision on what to use.

After looking through a couple of comparison websites, I have found out the following:

Wix provides are far larger array of design templates, including free domain use while Squarespace has fewer templates to choose from; it also requires domain purchase (apart from the free trial period offered). However, the Squarespace templates look more polished and are specifically to cater for the creative industries.

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In terms of response; Squarespace templates are completely responsive and will adjust to fit any format whether it be a mobile or computer screen. Wix sites have the same capability although from what I have read, it seems that the designer must use a mobile editor to make their mobile version of the site instead. This means that there is an extra job to do yourself.

Lastly, the editing functionality with Wix is very straightforward. As soon as one clicks edit, you are placed into a fully customisable wireframe. There are simple guides to navigate you through the entire editing process, there is a large amount of space in the cloud to place your own imagery and fonts into. Squarespace is not as profound or easy to use as Wix.



I have decided that for now, I will use Wix as this has a lot of customer support and friendly editing functionalities. Because Wix is free, it also means that I can make changes later without having to regret spending money on a domain I may not want or like in the future because this is really only an early stage of what my portfolio and brand could be.

When exploring for sites, I also stumbled upon two other interesting sites: Format and Cargo. I tried having a play around with their templates but I found them to be a lot more restricting than Wix. I found Format to be like Squarespace in the sense that the template designs seem very polished and concise in their design. However, I am currently looking for something that will show off more hero images and more interactive with moving tiles when a user scrolls.

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Rather than selecting any old template, I am going to start making thumbnails of my ideas for a more visual, image-heavy site. Then I will keep looking at templates to determine which ones could closely match my ideas. Then I will begin a process of editing the site, making my brand and getting my portfolio work ready for web view.


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