Team Branding and Identity.

Over the course of the first couple of weeks, our class initiated the Community Project by splitting off into teams of two. After having some team meetings, it was decided that each team member should generate logo concepts and name ideas regarding a branded identity for ourselves, recount each member’s strengths/weaknesses and establish some team rules to follow.

At first my team members included, Jennica, Emma, Nasha and Rita. However, this changed due to unforeseen circumstances, so now we have David instead of Rita. During these events, our team came to an agreement in calling ourselves RIMA (the Maori name for ‘five’, as our team consists of five members). This still worked when David moved as the number of our team remains as five.

To create this identity, the team went through a process of writing down concepts for names on paper in class. We were to continue drawing our ideas at home, bring them together in class the next day and discuss further. I experimented with the name MaraeTime and Rima Design by thinking of using a house or Marae type of symbol, or making the letter ‘M’ like a house shape…. while with Rima Design; I was thinking of the pentagon or using five colours or a polygon stylised ‘R’.


After bringing each member’s logo ideas together, we chose to use RIMA without any further words or imagery. Because this was favoured by most the team, we proceeded to Illustrator for further exploration of colour, typeface and stylisation.

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We settled with a handwritten font concept from Nasha, as we felt the serif flicks represented the rolling hills of Hawkes Bay, while the R looks like a person which relates to the aspects of community. We chose grey as it is a colour that is not representational or biased towards anything, while the box provides a sense of placement, security and overall finish to the logo.

week 1

Discussing our logo as a team: Photo from Emma

week 1, 2

Discussing our logo as a team: Photo from Emma

Whilst undergoing some exercises with Mandy, the team established a list of strengths and weaknesses to learn more about one another and formulate team roles for each member. We also came up with team rules to which we all had to agree upon and now follow up with to create a sense of professionalism.

Team rules: Rules_Guidlines

My strengths and weaknesses are as follows:

  • Good communication/listening skills
  • Organiser; makes lists and plans
  • Photographer; documentation skills
  • Decent researcher
  • Some skills in the Adobe suite with Ai, Ps, Ae, Id and Pr
  • Cares for people’s needs
  • Slow productivity at times due to lack of confidence/stress level
  • Perfectionism can cause procrastination
  • Sensitive; over thinker

From here, I am to contribute to my team by engaging in and sharing my portions of research tasks, take any photographs and participate as an interviewer at site visits, contribute to team-made decisions and speak in the slideshow presentations. The main goal is to work as a team to ensure we have a project for Maraenui underway that will reflect our concept and what they want to see happening in their community.



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