Guest Speaker: Edmond Otis

Our first guest speaker of the course was Edmond Otis; a motivational speaker and lecturer in health and sports science. Edmond’s topic revolved around his thoughts regarding resilience. Being a performance coach in the sporting world, Edmond explained how he sees both sports and art to share parallels when it comes to resilience and success.

Motivation > Stress

Edward believes that stress is merely a lacking of resources; skills or tools to progress on a matter. Stress does not always have to be negative – to Edward stress can be used positively to motivate oneself to take action and produce results.

Edward took us through a series of small written exercises, to which I do not want to disclose as this was a personal reflection to me.

Values > Traits > Behaviours

Edmond explained that in order to create an ingrained behaviour, we must be aware of our current values and turn them into traits. In turn, these traits will become disciplined behaviours if we continue to exercise them in our work.


Our performance is based around what we think, feel, who we hang out with and what we do. Therefore our performance is a reflection of our behaviours.

I agree with Edward to some extent; yet our thoughts, feelings, relationships and tasks within daily life are always changing and therefore nothing is set in stone. There is no guarantee of what is to come or what may unfold throughout our lives (A well thought out plan may end up facing an unaccounted for bump – how do you recover and move forward in the situation?). Yet it is how we deal with change that will determine how we perform; either positively or negatively!







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