Exhibition Evaluation Report

View my final report here: Exhibition Evaluation Report

During installation, final decisions on exhibition placements were made in lieu with the curating team. This resulted in my work moving from being third inwards on the right-hand side of the rear design room, to first on the left-hand side, thus changing my proposed placement. This presented a new challenge as I had to re-measure where to situate my plinth as well as the positioning height of and gap between my posters. I made sure to center my plinth according to the new space and to keep it flushed to the wall as originally proposed. Using the provided rulers, I ensured that the middle of my posters would sit at 1.5m from the ground and used a level to ensure their alignment.


Another change that occurred was the way in which I hung my work. Instead of using clear pins due to the inability to source, I used panel pins. These act like small, thin nails and a hammer was used to secure my posters to the wall. Although this allowed for me to remain within my original proposal of having the posters hung on the wall, it was not as effective as some tearing did occur on the corners of my posters. In retrospect, I could have used velcro stickers behind the poster instead.

Finally, I originally stated that I may or may not make a Perspex bookstand that would elevate my book from off the plinth. In the end, I had my bookstand made from steel sheeting and painted this white. This was a decision made due to the lack of time left to create a Perspex stand, as I had been using my time throughout the week to refine works and ensure everything would be ready for the deadline.


Regarding the final exhibition mode, I believe that the finished presentation reinforced the way in which I intended my work to be viewed. The plinth elevated my book to sit in front of the posters and the bookstand lifted the book upright, enabling it to be flicked through. The size and colour of my posters contrasted against the stark white walls, serving as a predominant feature to draw my audience for a closer look at the book. Overall, the presentation was clear and concise.


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