10/04/17:Brief four, DESIGN PROCESS, PART ONE.

Over the weekend, I initiated some sketches and mock ups of how the jewellery could look when strung together. In my first drawing process, I thought of each shell as the main focal point on the necklace, with the smaller shell elements being what forms the string around the neck. The smaller parts would offer a line of balance that lead toward the larger, heavier shell that would rest directly on the wearers upper chest.

Shell sketches


In my sketches, I was considering what materials would work best with one another. For the cord, I would prefer to use hemp string as this is an eco-friendly material. . Silver cord was another idea regarding aesthetics where the cord would be shown rather than hidden with shells, such as on my design concept for the mussel shell.

I chose to place the Cook’s shell with a string of fresh water pearls due to their metallic white and pink iridescence which match the colourations of the Cook’s shell. The circular shape of the pearls reflects the spherical textures on the Cook’s shell, and I quite liked the combination of the two together.

Made Jewellery

The curved head of the mussel shell inspired me to pair it with the small, circular dyed shells, as I thought their rounded shape would complement one another. The colouration of deep greens and lighter, metallic blues marry together in terms of an analogous colour scheme.

I wanted this necklace to have a looser feeling to it, so I spaced the dyed shells out in such a way that breaks up the proximity of shells next to one another, allowing for breathing space to create a light-weight aesthetic. This is balanced with the heavy mussel resting central on the chest.

After having made mock ups with the actual materials, it is much easier to gain an understanding for how the final product might look like and/or feel. My designs are all structured in a patterned symmetrical manner so I wonder what I could design that is asymmetrical yet balanced and able to be worn on the body. The next stage would be to create some more sketches that explore this idea.


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