07/04/17: Brief four, FIELD RESEARCH

This afternoon I visited Tangoio and Flat Rock and found a few natural objects that I thought could be used in my making side of the project. I collected some variations of seaweed however these dried up before I got home.

I collected a few variations of shell; Black lipped mussel, Paua, Cooks turban shell and a jagged Spiral shell. Their curved shapes, colours and textures are what attracted me to picking them up and thinking they could be used to make an interesting piece of jewellery. I also found some fresh water pearls and dyed paua shell pieces within my own bead collection that could be added to the jewellery making process. My idea is to play with the heavy weight of the natural shells in conjunction with the lighter, smaller and more delicate pieces of pearl and dyed shell. I like the idea of creating a necklace that has one central heavy shell, with the rest of the neck decorated in lighter tassels of shell.

TangoioShell collectionMy shell collection from Tangoio & a mixture of dyed shell, fresh water pearls. 

From here I will sketch out some ideas as to how I could use some of these shells in a necklace design…I am leaning more toward the Cook’s shell and Black lipped mussel; their larger, heavier forms and colours intrigue me.

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