24/03/17: Brief Three, MAKING PROCESS, PART ONE.

After further researching Flox, I would like to adapt her style of image making into my final design for the brief. Flox uses hand cut paper stencils to spray paint layers onto a chosen surface.I would like to adapt this into a style that involves acrylic paint and the layering of hand cut paper onto a surface instead. Recently, Flox participated in Napier’s “Seawalls” event which has inspired me to stick to making an image that reflects New Zealand’s local marine life. Therefore, I began to gather imagery to create a mood board of native marine plants and animals to set off inspiration.


After this, I began to sketch up some images to warm myself up and begin a creative thinking process; what animals and plants would work best in a composition, what animals and plants from New Zealand can I focus on using?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m leaning more toward using either a bird: kingfisher or penguin, the endangered Maui dolphin or a collection of native seashells and plants. My idea is to go to Spotlight and get some cheap MDF circular woodblocks and to then use these as my surface to which my image will be placed on. I know I want a circular canvas to work with, so my next process was to draw up some concepts.


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