17/03/17: Brief two, CONCEPTUAL THUMBNAILS.

She used a three-column grid for her Clothbound Classic series, so this is where I will begin my conceptual drawings on.


Today I’ve tried to get some ideas out onto paper but I’ll admit I have struggled to keep on top of my plans. I’m hoping that once I’ve finally moved I will feel far more settled into a stable environment. Anyway, I’ve drawn up 8 thumbnails of book cover layouts and placed two more to the side and introduced the idea of colour onto them. These are all very rough concepts and are merely my way of getting ideas out quickly. My idea was to explore how I could place pattern onto a grid layout. I explored the idea of enlarging the pattern, laying it to one side, all over and diagonally. I have also considered how an Art Nouveau style could come through in the idea of having a silhouette figure as a predominant feature, surrounded by curvilinear foliage. I’m not feeling overly confident with my ideas displayed here and I know I can push myself to achieve more.


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