02/02/17: Brief One, Paper prototyping.

After doing some hunting around, I have managed to source out a few sheets of card paper. I have specifically chosen a series of analogous colours that are bright yet contrasted with lighter pastel colouration too. I have a blank orange and teal green colour and then some illustrative, playful flora-based patterns.I am hoping that these will show my wanting to demonstrate the following:

  • Combination of bright and pastel colour palette
  • Consistent use of pattern and/or imagery – European attraction to flora/fauna


Before, I begin making anything with the good papers, I have attempted to figure out how to draw up a template for my 3-D object…I am not really good at this so it took a while for me to get right. I’ve also drawn two more concepts as I gained ideas how to incorporate curves into my object. I want to first start with making concept 1. Open cube design and concept 6. Oval cube design to test what the 3-D product would look like.



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