28/02/17: Brief One, Paper engineering portfolio.

After having a look through my book sources in the research section, I have decided to compile two mood boards; the first on paper origami packaging styles and the other on the tea packaging I have analysed. 


As previously mentioned, I am aiming to incorporate the historical context of China and tea’s original asian roots by the use of paper as a material (paper being invented but he Chinese) and to create a 3-D design with an origami-stylisation. Yet I would like to also keep the European influences within the elements, such as colour choice, illustrative/patterning.


The key elements/principles I’d like to retain in my own design from the research are:

  • Combination of bright and pastel colour palette
  • Consistent use of pattern and/or imagery – European attraction to flora/fauna
  • Consider stackability/shape for storage
  • Form must be either geometric, curvilinear or both

Here are my initial conceptual sketches for my very own tea caddy design. After this, I need to go and source some paper materials for making a  couple of prototypes.


Conceptual drawings for packaging design.


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