21/02/17: Global to Local, Introduction.

This afternoon we were introduced to our first brief of the year; Global to Local. The synopsis of our brief is to select a form of media from the list provided and then format our research around it. The physical outcome – a design object – should reflect our gathered research. In total, we should have 2 global and 2 local avenues of accumulated information/made work.


After some discussion with Jerry, I have confirmed my first Global research project to focus on the media of ‘packaging’ in context to tea. From here I have developed a small list in regards to what information I will need to find and why:

  • Historical background of tea trade from China to U.K

– Why? In order to formulate a contextual backbone for my research.

  • Look into a few tea companies from U.K and/or U.S (major trading economies) in order to compare their background and packaging.

-Why? In order to compare their history/values/design attributes to determine what makes for functional tea packaging.

  • 2D/3D formats of packaging

– Why? To draw upon ideas as to how I could recreate my own version of packaging that reflects my entire collection of research.

So far, Jerry has informed me that the tea trade to Europe arose from the east, in China. This has set me up for an idea of somehow incorporating both Asian and European design influences into my own packaging design/s. Now there’s only one thing to do; research!


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