Brief One, Who are you? Post-it.

It’s a new year, new semester – and a brand new location to top it all off. I am now studying down the line at Hawkes Bay’s EIT, after having cross-credited into their BVAD course. Today marked my first day here; introductions to students and lecturers, student I.D and online set- ups etc.

Our first in-class activity was to use three different coloured post-it notes to lay out a basis of who we are, what we’d like to improve upon and where we’d like our work to take us in the future. The green post-it represented ‘personal’ while pink represented ‘work’ and yellow ‘world’.


My ‘personal’ post-it notes rest first in line because my hobbies, values/morals/beliefs play a strong influence in what I choose to incorporate into my creative practices. Nature, scripture and musical lyrics are predominant subject matters that inspire my creativity.  I feel that this strand is the most important because without our own personal influences, our work and life would not vary from one individual to another.

‘Work’ is placed secondly, as this is the outward expression of who I am as mentioned above. It is here that I also wrote what skills I would like to improve upon this year:

  • Photographic skills
  • Painting techniques
  • Brush lettering and typographic skills
  • Illustration – perspective, digital, continual practice in free moments

To me, it is important as a designer to consider how ones’ work will influence the demographic that it is aimed at – how will it be viewed/used in the world? Therefore, I want my work to remain true to what I morally value and believe in.  Work also revolves around personal in the sense of where I and my future family will be situated.

‘World’ is the final destination where my work would reside. I hope that I can somehow incorporate world travels with that of my career.

This small exercise helped provoke myself into thinking about how I can tie together the varying planes of my life in order to ready myself for more wider-world experiences.


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