Presentation Week.

Today was the last lesson for CDP and we spent it discussing how to present for next week. This was a good idea in order to prepare us for the main event. We were asked to draw up a plan that would layout how we will be presenting our work, so that we can verse ourselves in what we will be sharing on this day. 

Here is my drawn mind map plan below; I chose to do it on the computer with Illustrator.

mind map.jpg

Its really simple and to the point, but this is because Stuart and I have got this clear idea of where we want to go with our presentation. We know that we have to show the video as this is our main output from the project. We want to do a slideshow presentation rather than a process video because we want to talk about our work up front. Because we’ve made a website to host our video on, we want to play the video form here but we will have a back up copy just in case. At the end of the slideshow presentation, we will bring up the website and hand out our QR codes so that our peers can explore our website the way that we intended it to be viewed if they were a person walking on K RD, wanting to record a HappyACTcident on our site.

I think for me, I haven’t learnt a lot of new things in this course as a lot of what have explored this semester are things that I have been taught in the past. I think it was more or less revisiting the elements and principles of design and applying them in new ways that makes the work fresh and relevant. I would have liked to have explored more hands on and observational learning approaches such as life drawing and painting techniques but am glad that I chose video for my project output because it gave a chance to explore what aspects of working digitally that I liked and didn’t like.



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