Design, People and Curiosity.

Today was the last lesson for this year! No! I love this class so much! But it was such a good lesson; I really enjoyed the commentary and recapping and discussion about success. We discovered that our class is a romantic bunch – success is mostly measured on how happy we are, our family and friends, health and wellbeing.

The TedTalk’s from Adam Grant and Emilie Wapnick were both really awesome too! It was interesting to hear Adams explanation of procrastination in action so to speak. He also mentioned that failure is our friend and something that should be embraced in order to carry on.

Emilie’s talk really spoke to me as I see myself as someone who really doesn’t know where to go right now. I have a lot of interests and wish that could explore them a lot more! I am currently unsure about my future career path. Her personal story and explanation of the ‘multipotentialite’ drew me in because I could identify with her feelings and this terminology. It stresses me out thinking about my future because I just want to be happy. This would be my greatest success; being happy and sharing that with others/giving others happiness too.

My last class exercise is here below.


One of the first objects that came to mind was the telescope. I wish I could have invented this object because it serves such a beautiful purpose; to help people discover the unknown! I have always fascinated over the night sky and am always amazed at how massive the universe is! Its filled with amazing wonders that we get to discover with our naked eye through a lens. Binoculars are also cool because you can use them on bush walks and look at nature without disturbing it!


Lora Zombie is a self taught painter/artist whose work I really admire. I enjoy her work for a multitude of reasons, some being that she paints the world in the way she sees it – bright, grungy, sketchy. I love the mediums she uses and the images are quite powerful; often about worldly issues or trends, she is somewhat satirical. She has made a brand for herself and is very true to her image. Her happiness and passion for what she does is a good motivator for myself.

I guess I’ve already spoken a bit about success already. Success to me isn’t so much about being rich or famous but more about the achieving the little things that will add into a wholesome life. Having happiness, family and friendships and good health is a blessing; something to hold onto and take care of.


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