Graphic Identity: Part two.

This week we are picking up from where we’ve left off in regards to our graphic identity process. Last time, I completed the conceptual process for our team logo. This involved making a mood board, drawing up initial ideas and coming up with six final concepts to work with. I also investigated some typography and colour palettes that would marry the ideas of kindness, happiness and friendliness into our overall image.

After using Basecamp to communicate with Stuart about my logo concepts, typography and colour research, we managed to rule out our least favourite choices. After we selected which images, fonts and colour palette we felt matched our brands personality, I got straight to work on the developmental stage.

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The images above are of the top three concepts that we selected together. I placed the original concept in the top left corner of each page, so that I could keep looking at it as a reference. I then drew out a series of developments until I filled the page. I uploaded each page onto BaseCamp and asked Stuart to choose just one development form each page. I also chose one each myself.

This meant I had six ‘finalists’ to work with in the digital stage. Moving onto Adobe Illustrator to create a simple line work drawing for each final development meant that I could have a clearer idea of how each logo would look with clean, precise line work. From here I proposed that we use the first logo of the happy H – Stuart also agreed this logo best suited our needs. We think that this image is best because it is a clear block H, which stands for the first letter of our name, HappyACTcidents. The simple eye and mouth shape make for clean and balanced combination of straight and curvilinear line work. This makes the shape seem playful – which in turn represents a happy and friendly outward appearance to the logo. It would be easy to fill with a colour and to have text placed underneath it.

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With this being said, I went onto adding variations of some of our final font choices to the logo image. The fonts “Roadway”, “Circula”, “Aliens and cows”, “Vulpes”, “Angeline Vintage” and “Signpainters” were used in this process below.


After picking our very last final, I added our final chosen colour palette (compound colour palette) to the logo. These are the last four possibilities we have to choose from. We’re very happy with how the logo looks as a whole; the image of the H is strong and stands proudly above the text. It is warm and inviting due to the construction of straight and curvilinear line work as well as the warm colour tones. The font (Circula) echoes the use of straight and curved line. The kerning is snug yet remains readable. We feel that our logo provides the warmth and innocent happiness and kindness that is associated with our project. I am really pleased with the final outcome that I’ve produced; the process was lengthy but very much worth the time and energy spent.



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