Design and Determinism.

This morning we had quite an engaging lesson that got people on their toes as we used love as an anecdote for how great design simply inserts itself into our life and becomes in a sense, invisible to us; a commonality that we do not often question.

It was interesting to look at how the design of any given thing is greatly affected by its placement and use within this world. We looked at how the architecture of different musical spaces aid or detract from the sounds of a musical piece. They can either compliment and enhance each other ( having been designed for one another) or can fail to deliver the intended message due to a mismatched pairing.

Once again, its about thinking about the world around us and the things that work for us in the places we dwell. We used the round-about as a very good example of a designed system that works so well for our western roads, that we simply ignore it – who made it, how it got to be that way?

In saying this, what else is out there that we’ve simply taken for granted, yet has worked so well for us that we follow its rules and use it exactly the way it was designed dot be used?

I thought about our drive thru’s and petrol stations. A drive thru is designed so that only one vehicle can enter at a time, so that there will be no accidents. The establishment can deal with only one customer at a time. The entrance is one way; you must drive in (not reverse in or drive in from the exit) from the entrance and out at the exit. This is the way in which this roading and food service system was developed; it works so well we simply obey it and are rewarded with delicious treats.

Petrol stations are similar in the way that they have a drive in system, however it just depends on what side of your car the petrol tank is. So you can drive in from either way that suits your car, but yet again only one car can use one side of the booth at a time. Imagine if we had petrol hoses with multiple hoses coming off of it!? That would probably turn into quite a conundrum but the site would be ridiculous!


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