Other people.

This morning we touched upon the importance of our interactions with others within our environments, namely our workplaces. We spoke about the practices/processes of forming, norming, storming, performing, mourning. 

This set of processes was first established by psychologist Bruce Tuckman in one of his 1965 articles; “Developmental Sequence in Small Groups.” Its basically about how to create a high performing team. Anyway, we also filled out a sheet about the follower  vs the leader. I jotted down examples of both at work in my life, mostly in regards to my leadership  and fellowship at youth group.

On another sheet we had to write down any skills we think we possess under the branches of an entrepreneur, manager or technician. As I undertook this process, I noticed the managerial role surprisingly fill out far more than the other two. It made me remember that I am a very well organised, methodical worker. I do however, enjoy exploring new things and engaging in hands- on messy activities but will always clean up afterward.

A quote from class to leave here as food for thought:

“All your endeavours will rely on the quality of your relationships with other people.”



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