Values and Design.

One thing that was particularly intriguing about this mornings lesson was to discover the core values and beliefs of particular companies, such as Starbucks. What was even more interesting was to find that some companies lack either or and how this affected the way in which some of the class felt about these companies. Having a lack of values and beliefs lead people into feeling a bit more insecure about their policies and/or practices – why?

Well these two things are quite central to what it means to be human; we make meaning of everything and when all of a sudden, there seems to be no motivation or meaning behind a given thing, we naturally start to doubt and question.

Scott challenged us to think about our own core values and/or beliefs. Everyone has their own moral compass which helps them to navigate through this chaotic, exhilarating life.

“Write a draft mission statement and list five core values that you want your design practice to embody.” 

Okay, I have no real clue as to how to write a mission statement, but I’ll give it a go and hopefully its all good!

Sophie’s mission statement

I aim to be true to myself in all that I pursue. My art and design is a reflection of who I am and how I choose to portray my personality through creative means. I aim to incorporate the following core values into my practices:


 Be self accomplished. What I do is good enough; do not undermine, do not doubt.


Dare to be brave. Do not be afraid to try new techniques, never hold back on what you want to communicate.


Curiosity didn’t kill the cat yet. Have fun and explore! Make your work enjoyable.


Do not be rude, do not aim to offend. Have respect for all parties involved, have respect for yourself and the work you produce.


Paint an honest picture. Be honest with yourself and with your audience, the truth is the root of wisdom and peaceful practice.


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