A morning with Mr Vintage.

Rob Ewan from the built up e commerce tee shirt website – Mr Vintage –  took the time to speak about the bones of his business with us this morning. I quite enjoyed this lesson as we got to hear from a first hand experience of basic trial and error when it comes to starting up a given business. Rob reminded us that confidence is certainly key to such an adventure; to not be afraid of the unknown and let that be your driving factor. Mistakes are beautiful for they allow you to understand the playing field in a broader sense; you discover what works, what doesn’t and why.

It was interesting to hear how Rob began selling wholesale shirts from his room, then moving into a garage space and making the most of the environments he had. He used Trade Me and Facebook to the best of their capabilities and in turn they helped to build up an awareness of who he was and what he had to sell to the public. The ability to use the media as a bouncing board for free advertisement also struck me as a fantastic idea. I like how Mr Vintage has in turn made a part of their identity on the media ( memes, current affairs, pop culture on their shirts). It is like a two way street deal. The conversation today was really thought provoking and certainly brought home some important reminders about ones attitude and approach to keep focused on.

We concluded the lesson by holding another group discussion about the launching of our site. To conclude this conversation; content will have all of their current photos/interviews edited into final shots/paragraphs, all ready for use by the site design team by this Thursday 4pm. We’ve heard that our site will be up this Friday, so site design will have to quickly place our delivered content up on the site either Friday evening or this weekend.

I know that I must ensure all interviews are changed into useable paragraphs for featured artist sections on site. I’ll be posting these into files on Basecamp. Since posting my work on the proposed font choices, I haven’t heard any feedback, so now I’ll just be leaving the final font choice up to site design and instead will just provide the text in a readable sans serif font for them to further adapt.


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