After Effects: part three.

This morning we introduced the use of 3D effects with the inbuilt camera function in After Effects. This was a new learning curve for me as I haven’t had a lot of prior experience using 3D tools within my own work. As I came into class quite early, I sat down and went through the ‘cheat sheet’ and walked myself through each step to make the first animated text below, ‘floating’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When class began I made another animation called ‘spinning’. In this one, I tried my hand at making the text look more 3D by making the text spin, change angles and move about the composition in a more abstract manner. I played around with the light tool for quite some time but still think there is a lot to be learnt here. I wanted to make my light source illuminate the background but it wasn’t quite working, so in the end the text was the only image illuminated. It was good to learn a couple of new aspects to After Effects and these could be possibly be used in my upcoming project work (animating for our video).


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