Collage as design analysis.

As we are nearing the end of the semester, we are heading into the final tasks of CDP. Paul presented a series of collage works today, in order to demonstrate the various ways in which a collage can be created, especially within Photoshop and Illustrator. 

We have been given the option of creating a collage either by hand, with digital media or by combining both of these somehow. However there is one catch: we must use some of the the images that we have collected from our project sites.

collage .jpg

I have chosen to use an image of the street view entrance of St Kevin’s Arcade that I took back in the first week of this semester. I chose to make a collage of the cliche trends and words that embody the identity of young people. This is because I’ve found that a lot of young quirky people hang out on K’RD and around the sea Kev’s area. I went on the net and looked at pngs from Tumblr, a cliche site that young people use in order to make my image choices connected to the idea I had. I then copy pasted each image and overlaid them. I made the three coloured circles and changed their opacities. I made this collage rather quickly because I want to spend more time on my project work instead.



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