Every object tells story.

This afternoon we looked into why objects are an important thing to us as individuals and collective cultures, as people in general. We use objects every single day; they tell stories about us and we make them a significant to us in our own special ways.

Because objects can mean something unique for each of us, it is so important to consider the meaning that could/would be carried across when one places certain objects into their artworks. Today we were told to go away and consider how we would place an object of our own in an A3 space. It has to be accompanied by a short narrative, either factual about the object or from our imagination, a fictional story so to speak.

I wasn’t sure how long the story was meant to be, so I chose to make a short sentence to go within an urn. Here is the final image I came up with for this exercise.


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I chose to use this urn that I sourced from Google images. I chose an urn because I was thinking about my father and how we have kept some of his ashes in a box in the garden. It made me think that objects like my dad’s box, or this urn, are very special and contain the stories of someones entire lifetime within them. With that being said, I liken them to a treasure chest because the value of what is inside of them is truly immesurable. So, I chose an image of an urn that looked really elegant – a royal purple and gold colour with a shiny finish and embossed patterning – to reflect this idea of an object that is important and special. I chose to write the sentence: “I contain the stories of a lifetime turned to dust but never lost”I made this sentence up to mean that the urn contains the stories of a persons entire life, and although that person is now gone the stories will not be lost in the thoughts and hearts of their friends and family.



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