I have been very unwell this week and have been off class a fair amount, including todays class on referencing. I’ve got a fair bit of experience in using certain referencing systems such as the APA 5th and 6th styles what with past high school and university /projects. I’ll also admit that I’ve already begun to make my bibliography for the ICA, its near to completion which is fab!

Its a good thing I check Moodle, as there was this homework to complete below:

(a) identify a creative visualisation of data
(b) in a paragraph, explain why you (as a designer) are drawn to this specific visualisation. Include why you think your chosen example is creative and what you like about it.


I have chosen to use this image as my example of an appealing visualisation of data to me. This is a “Hierarchical Structure of the Internet” which tethers together how the internet is organised in regards to its structure and connectivity. “It shows how the central core of the Internet is made up of about 80 core nodes, but that even if those nodes failed, 70% of the other nodes would still function via peer-to-peer connections.”


As a designer, I feel drawn to this image due to its shape and colour. Firstly, has a beautiful curvaceous, spherical structure and is adorned with specs of vibrant colour. The tonal ranges are rather analogous too which I find adds to the explosion, or blossoming appeal. The centre has a red dot which immediately draws the eye here, and we have lines which draw the eye outward and around the structure form this centre point. I find it creative because of these reasons above. It just looks like a beautiful firework or a dandelion (or an epic ball of yarn)! The structure seems to organic which I find is a good match for data such as the internet because the internet is all about connections; this data does feel woven and interconnected.


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