Content: Photo time.

This morning during our enterprising professional class, our content team has a thorough discussion with one another to confirm that each of us know our roles within the team, as well as what we are each meant to be doing right this moment. Cris came over and had a chat with us in regards as to how we should be communicating with site design and fulfilment teams (to which we have been already) in order to speed up site build progress. We tried to explain that we have already set interviews in motion and that we have got a plan in place to take photographs of stock.

Our plan for this week is to just go ahead with taking photographs of the current art stock that we have from each artist who has agreed to feature on our website. Frances has booked the photography rooms and we will be heading in there this Thursday/Friday afternoon. I’m also going to be one of the artists on the site and will be at the Thursday shoot.

As soon as the interviews are up on Basecamp (provided by Wenfei), i can then go over these Q & A’s in order to develop some kind of mini article for a featured artist section of our site. Bada boom, done.


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