Lighting; photography.

This week we discussed the use of lighting within the realms of photography. Paul provided a series of small explanations of various ways that we could experiment with light; from candles to iPhone lights, computer lights…basically anything that has a light source really.We were encouraged to think about where our light is coming from, as well as the angle at which we are exploring, and how that would effect our imagery.

Although Paul was encouraging us to try out artificial light sources, I personally prefer  to use natural light sources in my work. This is why I have used natural light (with the exception of one image) in my photographs. Personally, I find the idea of chasing the sunlight to be thrilling ; the whole ‘you get what is given’ factors just how much light is available due to weather conditions and time of day.

I have focused more or less upon the atmospheric effect, which in turn can transpire into a narrative on its own. I have focused more or less upon the atmospheric effect, which in turn can transpire into a narrative on its own accord. I am highly interested in portraiture and nature photography, as well as how spaces can frame a composition together. Light is a brilliant factor that can make or break a photograph. In my images, I’ve explored the use of soft and harsh light, and overexposed light and shadow to create dramatic contrasting results. For example, with the bottom left image of the ginger cats fur completely contrasted by the dark black lighting creates a sense of the unknown; mystery and eeriness.

I would say that I would greatly benefit from learning more about controlled lighting effects, such as within the studios using their lighting equipment. I also quite like the use of light from within building or street lamps and how on a wet night this can reflect on the streets so beautifully. It would certainly be good to take more photographs such as these. Its also good to never be afraid to do crazy things to get the right angle; like lying flat on the floor! People walk past and think I’m weird but I DON’T CARE! 😀



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