Website Optimisation.

Unfortunately for this session I was unwell and unable to attend class. I heard that the guest speaker for today was Ann Simpson, who presented information on website optimisation and something called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). After looking at our Moodle page, I watched the Google video which explained more about how to utilise this search engine; how to ask it questions efficiently, to which we have also learnt a lot about in Scotts class as well.


I’m gathering that ultimately this class would have been about how to set up your site so that it can be both used and searched for easily, efficiently and therefore be very practical and accessible to its users. After having a browse of her presentation, I can see that she explained what SEO is and how its best used. I thought this image from the slideshow was pretty neat and it gave me a bit of insight as to what I have missed this time round. This info will actually be quite useful to keep in mind for mine and Stuart’s project, as we are looking at how to possibly host our own webpage as a place to publish our video.


I would’ve rather been in class to learn a lot more about this topic as it looks as though the class had a look at the Grey Lynn and KRdB.A websites in order to explore their website optimisation; what is effective and suitable for their businesses needs etc. This would’ve been interesting to hear about!


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