After Effects: part two.

This week the class looked into an introduction on motion graphics. I actually really like this particular kind of design and have taught myself how to make a moving logo in the past.

Carsten explained how to make solid shapes directly within After effects, using the pen tool; we also looked at how key framing and solids work. I know that its also possible to create your imagery within Illustrator, then import these vectors into Ae for further use. This is how I prefer to do work as it means I’ve got more creative freedom in the drawing process. This is what I will be doing later on for my and Stuart’s project video, but first I have to complete making our logo.

For todays lesson, I’ve¬†uploaded a motion graphic that I have made before. I used a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator and then After Effects to animate my still images and text.

¬†Here is the motion graphic logo I’ve made for our project video as well! This was really fun to make, as it allowed for me to explore some new techniques in AE and develop my knowledge for this programme. I wish that it was easier to source good sound effects though; that part takes the most time!


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