Typographic proposals: Site Design.

This morning I’m at home with the flu, however I haven’t let this deter me from communicating to my class via Basecamp. Over the past week, I had been researching various sites in order to gain a better understanding as to how text is best designed and displayed in correlation to site design. So this morning, I have been uploading my work to both the “Content” and “5402: E-COMMERCE 4 Everyone” Basecamps in order for the class to have access to my findings/proposals.

After having done some research, I went onto Shopify to have a look at what fonts this site allows for. I think it would be best to use a sans serif font for the headings, tags and especially the paragraphs and descriptions. This is because sans serif fonts provide a better readability and tracking for the eye to follow. I then think that a serif font could be used decoratively – for pull quotes, subheadings and so on – in order to provide variation visually as well as to flesh out the hierarchy between importance of texts.

Above are links to the work I’ve been doing, and below is an image of my work on Basecamp. Over this week, it will be up to me to speak with my class members and confirm the final font proposal for site use. We will also be creating content mock ups for the site and interview questions for our featured artists.

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