After last weeks look into space and proportion, we have been asked to make either six printed photographs, a 3D model, a piece of artwork, or a page that contains text and image. I have chosen to use my newfound drawing skills in Adobe Illustrator to create a piece of artwork. 

whaleAbove is my artwork of a whale and the starry night sky. I chose to make this image with large and small elements in order to explore the way in which I could manipulate the space around the image.

I wanted to have a large whale that would be a dominant figure in the image, however his curved shape and tail lead up into the negative space of the sky. This draws attention to the area and cups the smaller moon in that space too. The weight of the whales image rests at the bottom of the image while the tail creates a complementary balance in relation to sizing with the moon on the left. I placed the moon in the left corner so that it is also read by the viewer and once again compliments the negative space of the sky and sea that are around this left hand side. I also used a contrasting of dark and lighter blues to separate the space of sea and sky. When making images, it is important to consider the elements and principles of design in order for an image to come together as a whole.

Here are some process shots below:

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